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At Lanoai, our mission is to offer a variety of products designed to address a different style challenges. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to express themselves through their clothing, irrespective of body type, personal style preferences, or fashion dilemmas. Our commitment lies in empowering individuals to embrace their unique identity and showcase their personality through the art of dressing.

Lanoai was founded by two Haitian women in 2023, Emilie and Tess, inspired by the bold and sophisticated fashion of Haitian women. They aimed to create innovative fashion solutions that empower women to express themselves confidently, going beyond the limitations of traditional bras. Their invisible lingerie blends comfort, functionality, and style, celebrating diversity while ensuring quality. At Lanoai, we've curated a range of invisible lingerie styles tailored to fit women's diverse cleavage needs. Lanoai stands as a testament to Emilie and Tess's passion for empowering women through fashion, encouraging all to embrace their uniqueness with confidence, allowing every woman to shine in her own unique way.